Felony and misdemeanor criminal charges may have serious consequences in Washington State. A conviction could lead to jail time, costly fines, probation and the suspension of your driving and other privileges.

At  Rogge Law Offices  in Tacoma, criminal defense attorney,  Theodore Rogge can explain and protect your rights.


We provide legal defense services for persons accused of Driving Under the Influence  throughout Washington State

Domestic Violence

A domestic violence charge can be a misdemeanor or felony crime, depending on the specific issues and circumstances of the case, and your past criminal history.

Assault Crime
Generally, an assault is defined as intentionally inflicting bodily injury on another, unlawfully touching another with criminal intent or putting another in apprehension of physical harm. Assault charges range in severity from misdemeanors to serious felonies. Assault cases are filed in City Court, District Court, or the Superior Court.

Violent Crimes

Are criminal acts that involve the use or threat of violence.  During the commission of a violent crime, the offender may or may not use a weapon. If the offender uses a weapon while committing a violent crime, the offense will usually be classified as felony.

Drug Offenses

Is a criminal act involving the possession, manufacturing, trafficking, delivery or sale of an illegal drug

A theft crime is a criminal act of taking another individual's personal property without the individual's consent. In the state of Washington, these crimes are classified as misdemeanor or felony theft.

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